Winterguard Granulated



WinterGuard products are most commonly used in critical areas such as roof eaves, valleys, and as a waterproofing underlayment for low-slope shingle, metal, slate, and mechanically-fastened tile roofing applications. WinterGuard HT (High Tack, High Temperature) is an advanced waterproofing underlayment for shingle, metal, slate and tile roofs. It is specially formulated to resist high roof temperatures under metal roofs. WinterGuard Sand and Granular underlayments are designed for use on roof decks as a waterproofing barrier beneath shingle, slate and tile roofs to prevent leakage due to water back-up from ice dams or wind-driven rain. Length: 65 ft x Width: 3 ft.

Width: 3/ft.
Height: 65/ft.