White Prefab Corners



Let Carlisle simplify your next Sure-Weld TPO installation with prefabricated Split Pipe Seals. TPO Split Pipe Seals are fabricated flashings made from 60-mil reinforced TPO membrane for pipes 1" (25.4 mm) to 6" (152.4 mm) in diameter. A split (cut) and overlap tab are incorporated into these parts to allow the pipe seals to be opened and wrapped around a round pipe with an obstruction. Such obstructions prevent the use of a standard pre-molded pipe seal. Split Pipe Seals are packaged in boxes of eight and come with universal clamping rings. Additional sizes and colors are available on a special order basis. Carlisle’s TPO Split Pipe Seals are part of the Certified Fabricated Accessory (CFA) program. Certified Fabricated Accessories are the only factory-fabricated TPO accessories that meet the stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a Carlisle warranted roofing system.

Width: 7/in.
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