Weathermaster 200 SE Ice & Water Shield



WeatherMaster® 200 SE (Granular) underlayment is a self-adhesive composite underlayment. It has an adhesive layer composed of a proprietary modified asphalt, reinforced with a fiberglass mat. The surfacing of opaque granules provides excellent traction and protection from UV radiation and weathering. WeatherMaster® 200 SE (Granular) has a self-adhesive side covered with a split release sheet, which is removed during installation. WeatherMaster® 200 SE (Granular) underlayment provide a secondary layer of waterproofing protection needed to help prevent damage from ice dams and windblown rain. This self-adhering modified bitumen underlayment creates a watertight barrier by sealing to the deck and also around nails to provide continuous protection year after year. WeatherMaster® 200 SE (Granular) helps protect the entire deck of a properly ventilated roof including those problem areas where water collects or drainage can be slow. And, since it can go under any roofing material from asphalt shingles to tile, you can enjoy maximum protection with any architectural look you choose. Among the numerous benefits of WeatherMaster® 200 SE (Granular) is a UV Protected Surface that can withstand a 45-day exposure. It is 55 Mil Thick, 38 percent above industry requirements and has a self-adhesive backing that seals directly to the roof deck. With dual modified asphalt this Peel and Stick underlayment provides superior granular adhesion for better traction. It remains stable in temperatures as high as 240°F, yet it forms an aggressive bond at temperatures as low as 45°F Min. Plus its fiberglass mat provides better tear resistance than saturated felt. 2 SQ / RL

Width: 36/in.
Height: 65/ft.