WeatherLock® G Granulated Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier

Owens Corning


WeatherLock G Granulated Self-Sealing Waterproofing Barrier provides additional security against leaks caused by storms, wind-driven rain and shingle blow-offs. This product is engineered for asphalt shingles, wood shakes and quarry slate roofs. WeatherLock G acts as a waterproof barrier in the most vulnerable sections of the roof. Creates a second line of defense on your roof
Adheres to the roof deck and seals around nails for dependable, watertight construction. Granulated asphalt layer provides a slip-resistant surface for excellent traction and safe installation. Withstands UV exposure for up to 45 days, plus the split backer sheets allow for easy application and positioning on the roof deck. Taped selvedge edge improves seal between courses.

Width: 3/ft.
Height: 66.7
Depth: in./in.