Versico White TPO Molded Sealant Pocket



The Molded TPO Sealant Pockets consist of an interlocking, two-piece, injection molded flexible pocket with a rigid polypropylene vertical wall and pre-formed deck flanges. Pockets can be adjusted from 11½" to 7½" in length by following the cutting lines molded into the pocket. This product, in conjunction with TPO Primer and White One-Part Pourable Sealer, is used to waterproof pipe clusters or other odd shaped penetrations on VersiWeld TPO Roofing Systems.Versico’s VersiWeld TPO Molded Sealant Pockets are part of the Certified Fabricated Accessory (CFA) program. Certified Fabricated Accessories are the only factory-fabricated TPO accessories that meet the stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a Versico warranted roofing system.