Versico Uncured EPDM Flashing



Versico’s VersiGard Quick-Applied (QA) Uncured Flashing is a nominal 60-mil thick (1.5 mm) uncured EPDM membrane, laminated to a nominal 30-mil thick (0.76 mm), fully cured QA adhesive. This product is available in 6" x 100', 9" x100', and 12" x 50' rolls and is easily malleable and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and surfaces. QA Uncured Flashing is self-curing and can be used to flash pipes and scuppers, as well as other rooftop structures and penetrations. The clear poly release liner on the 12"-wide product is pre-slit down the center, allowing the applicator to partially remove the liner for ease of installation.

Width: 9/in.
Height: 50/ft.
6 Options

Black / 6 in. x 100 ft.

Black / 6 in. x 100 ft.

White / 6 in. x 100 ft.

Black / 9 in. x 50 ft.

White / 9 in. x 50 ft.

Black / 12 in. x 50 ft.

White / 12 in. x 50 ft.