Versico Seam Tape



VersiGard EPDM Quick-Applied (QA) Black 3"- or 6"-wide Seam Tape offers uniform width and adhesive thickness and features a clear poly film for ease of application. QA Seam Tape delivers 30% greater peel strength and 32% greater shear strength than other tapes on the market. Designed for use with Versico’s fully adhered, metal retrofit, ballasted, and mechanically attached roofing systems, QA Seam Tape is used in conjunction with Versico’s V-150 or EPDM Low-VOC primers to bond EPDM membranes together in the field, providing long-term seam strength.

Width: 6/in.
Height: 100/ft.
4 Options

Black / 3 in. x 100 ft.

Black / 3 in. x 100 ft.

White / 3 in. x 100 ft.

Black / 6 in. x 100 ft.

White / 6 in. x 100 ft.