Ventsure Rigid Strip

Owens Corning


VentSure® 4-Foot Strip Heat & Moisture Ridge Vents work with VentSure® intake vents and/or VentSure® InFlow® intake vents to help improve air flow through the attic. They are flexible enough to conform to virtually any roof slope and have a unique baffle design and Weather PROtector® moisture barrier to help provide outstanding performance. Outstanding performance – net free vent area** of 20 sq. in***. per lineal foot. Unique design – flat baffle improves air flow by keeping leaves, pine needles or similar debris from impacting the performance of the vent. Excellent versatility – patent-pending corrugated ridge design and alignment tabs allow for additional flexibility and strength to accommodate virtually any roof pitch, resulting in a strong uniform ridgeline. Roof durability – proper ventilation helps maximize the performance of the entire roof system.

Width: 15
Height: 1
2 Options

12" x 4'

12" x 4'

10" x 4'