Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive



I.S.O. Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive is a two-component low-rise polyurethane adhesive designed for anchoring acceptable roof insulation to acceptable substrates, and to adhere multiple layers of insulation. I.S.O. Twin Pack Insulation Adhesive is dispensed using I.S.O. Twin Pack Hand Dispenser (Firestone Item No.: W56RACINTG); I.S.O. Twin Pack Four Bead Dispenser (Firestone Item No.:W56RACINT4); Multi-Bead Plus Dispenser; Battery Powered Single Bead Applicator or a Pneumatic Single Bead Applicator. The dispensers extrude I.S.O. Twin Pack Part A and B simultaneously to the static mixer, which results in a mixed adhesive in bead form.