SureMB G2 Base Sheet



SheetOverviewCarlisle’s G2 Base Sheet is a non-porous 28-pound base sheet designed to be strong, durable, and wrinkle resistant. This product’s unique combination of strength and suppleness is achieved by coating a heavyweight fi berglass mat with type IV asphalt, which helps to maintain a uniform consistency on both sides of the sheet and eliminate pinholes. G2 Base Sheet is used as a base ply in a wide variety of cold- and hot-applied asphalt systems with Carlisle’s AFX EPDM or TPO cap sheets or FleeceBACK® PVC KEE HP cap sheets. Its suppleness and extreme pliability make the G2 Base Sheet a good alternative for organic base where a decay-resistant inorganic mat is desired. This base sheet is classifi ed by Underwriters Laboratory as a type G2-coated base sheet and meets the requirements of ASTM D4601 Type II.Features

Width: 3/ft.
Height: 108/ft.