Whether you’re roofing projects are new construction or re-roofing, If you're serious about quality, StormTread™ is the ultimate synthetic underlayment for use under all tiles. You’ll nod at how good it feels to walk on. You’ll admire how durable it feels. And you’ll love that it wont burn a hole in your pocket. One of the key features of StormTread™ is our micro-etched surface technology. It provides excellent slip-resistant properties and the superior steep-slope walkability that roofers regard as best in class. StormTread™ is designed for use under tiles but it can also be used under asphalt shingles, all metal panels, synthetic shingles and primed cedar shakes. StormTread™ meets and exceeds all code requirements including: ASTM D226, ASTM D4869 and AC 188 as required by ICC. StormTread™ not only protects roof decks, it helps to protect Roofers as well.

Width: 48
Height: 3000