Ridge Flex



12" RidgeFlex™ Hip and Ridge Shingles are a Flexor™ SBS polymer modified asphalt hip and ridge cap designed for wider ridge vents. 12" RidgeFlex™ is an easy-to-install, low-profile roof accessory that provide resilient protection to hips and ridges, a strong defense for ridge vents from weathering, and long-lasting appeal. 12" RidgeFlex™ features the Scotchgard™ Algae Resistant Shingle Protector from 3M to resist shingle discoloration due to algae growth. Malarkey roofing systems with algae resistant warranties require algae resistant hip and ridge shingles. COMPOSITION & MATERIALS: 12" RidgeFlex™ shingles are manufactured on a fiberglass mat, impregnated and coated on both sides with Flexor™ SBS polymer modified asphalt, and compounded with a fire-retardant mineral stabilizer. 12" RidgeFlex™ is surfaced with embedded ceramic granules for ultraviolet protection and weatherability.

Width: 12/in.