QuickSeam Walkpad



QuickSeam Walkway Pads are high quality rubber walkway pads with QuickSeam Tape factory laminated to the bottom surface. The QuickSeam Tape secures the walkway pads to the primed RubberGard™ EPDM membrane. QuickSeam Walkway Pads help protect the membrane from damage due to necessary rooftop service traffic. The material exhibits excellent levels of hardness, tensile strength, wear and tear resistance, and displays excellent cold flexibility. The owner is responsible for maintaining walkways in specific areas: At all access points (ladders, hatches, doorways, etc.) to the roof. Around all mechanical equipment which will require maintenance. As a walkway system on roofs subjected to traffic more frequently than once per month.

Width: 30/in.
Height: 30/in.
Depth: in./in.