PVC T-Joint



Carlisle Sure-Flex PVC T-Joint Covers are used to seal step-offs at splice intersections. Installation is mandatory on all 60- and 80-mil PVC systems and on 50-mil systems where step-offs have not been properly sealed. PVC T-Joint Covers are formed from 60-mil white and 40-mil gray and tan non-reinforced PVC cut into a perfect 4.5″-diameter circle. Packaged in a box containing 100 covers. Available in white, gray and tan. Carlisle’s PVC T-Joint Covers are part of the Certified Fabricated Accessory (CFA) program. Certified Fabricated Accessories are the only factory-fabricated PVC accessories that meet the stringent quality tolerances required to be included in a Carlisle warranted roofing system. Pack of 100 joint covers.

Width: 4.5/in.
Depth: in./in.
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