PVC Contour Rib Profile



Obtain the look of standing seam metal roofi ng with the performance of
a PVC single-ply membrane with the Carlisle Contour Rib Profi le. This
profi le is extruded from the same weather-resistant PVC compound as
the membrane. The Contour Rib Profi le is secured to the PVC roofi ng
membrane to simulate a standing seam metal roofi ng system. The physical
dimensional stability of the profi le is enhanced with fi berglass and the
rectangular profi le provides exceptional shadow lines for aesthetic appeal.
The Contour Rib Profi le measures 1¼" tall and 21
⁄8" wide including the
welding fl anges while the vertical profi le is a substantial 3
⁄8" thick. The
profi le has an 1
⁄8" alignment hole as well as an 1
⁄8" fi berglass reinforcing
cord. The Contour is available in 10' lengths packaged 20 per carton.
Twenty-fi ve (25) connecting pins are also included in the carton.

Width: 1.75/in.
Height: 1.25/in.
Depth: ft./ft.
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