Low VOC PVC Bonding Adhesive



WeatherBond / Carlisle Low VOC (<250) Solvent Based Bonding Adhesive is a high strength solvent-based contact adhesive that allows quick bonding of PVC membrane to various substrates. It is specially formulated using a blend of VOC exempt and non-exempt solvents to be in compliance with the state of California Clean Air Act of 1988 (updated in 1997) and as further regulated by California’s Air Quality Control Districts listing VOC grams per liter limitations. This product also meets the <250 gpl VOC content requirements of the OTC Model Rule for Single-Ply RoofingAdhesives. Low VOC Bonding Adhesive is designed for bonding WeatherBond PVC Membranes, Carlisle TPO OR EPDM membrane, Versico PVC membranes, and similar PVC membranes to various substrates. Covers about 60 square feet (56 sq m) per gallon (finished surface).