Heavy Duty Fastener



The Firestone Heavy Duty Fastener is specifically designed to be used in roofing applications which require additional corrosion protection and additional pullout resistance. The Heavy Duty Fastener may be used for attachment of roofing insulation and base sheets in combination with Firestone Insulation Plates, or for attachment of Firestone Batten Strips, Seam Plates, Termination Bars, and other accessories to steel, wood, concrete and other decks where approved by Firestone Technical Specifications. *NOTE: Firestone is not responsible for, nor guarantees that the white coating will remain on the fastener during or after installation. Because the coating on Firestone white fasteners is removed to some degree during the installation process, Firestone suggests that 1) the building owner be made aware of the expectations of the white fasteners and that repainting of the deck may be required after roofing is complete or 2) any deck painting take place after the roof is installed. In this case, any color of screw will work.

Height: 8/in.
17 Options

1 1/4" / Red

1 1/4" / Red

2" / Red

3" / Red

4" / Red

5" / Red

6" / Red

7" / Red

8" / Red

10" / Red

12" / Red

14" / Red

1 1/4" / White

2" / White

3" / White

4" / White

5" / White

6" / White