30# ASTM D226



Authentic” Asphalt Saturated Organic FeltReliable Proven technology, successful on millions of structures for over a century.
Compatible Approved and recommended for use in all roofing applications.
Versatile Manufactured to perform in all climate conditions and all types of structures.
Easy to apply No special fasteners required. (Note: Plastic cap nails help seal around nail holes.)
Cost effective Convenient roll size, 200 sq. ft. coverage with salvage edge, minimizes job loss and excessive waste.
Recognized #1 choice of roofing professionals and trade organizations.
Required Specified for use by architects, building code officials and primary roofing manufacturers.
Note: (Approved underlayment is required to validate warranty on most all roofing systems.)
Permeable Breathable membrane to help prevent dry rot, mold and other structural damages.
Walk-able Natural non skid surface ideal for steep slope roofing.
Durable Remains viable even after prolonged exposure. Minimum of 60 days in single ply and 6 months in two ply
Eco–friendly Organic dry felt is made from 100% post consumer recycled material and domestic asphalt from a
local source. Note: (Leed points may be available)USA Owned Jobs for local residents, good for the economy. GMC is a proud supporter of several national and
and Operated local charities.